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CCMR Accomplishments March and April 2013


Jan Adams-Watson was selected for the Federal Executive Board’s 36th Annual Federal Employee Recognition Award.

Rod Hayward received the John M. Eisenberg National Award for Career Achievement in Research. This is the most prestigious award that is presented by the Society of General Internal Medicine in recognition of research accomplishments.

Jeff Kullgren was awarded the Milton W. Hamolsky Junior Faculty Scientific Presentation Award for his abstract titled, “Trends in and Correlates of Awareness of a Prediabetes Diagnosis among US Adults”. This award is given to junior faculty whose abstracts are judged to be the most outstanding among those submitted by junior faculty members of the Society of General Internal Medicine.

Ken Langa was recently awarded the 2013 MICHR Distinguished Clinical and Translational Research Mentor Award. This award was established to recognize and honor the efforts and accomplishments of UM faculty members who demonstrate consistent, high quality research and career mentoring in areas of clinical and translational health research.

The following paper was selected as the best paper for Volume 18, 2012 of the Telemedicine and e-Health Journal: John D. Piette, Hema Datwani, Sofia Gaudioso, Stephanie M. Foster, Joslyn Westphal, William Perry, Joel Rodriquez-Saldana, Milton O. Mendoza-Avelares, Nicolle Marinec. Hypertension Management Using Mobile Technology and Home Blood Pressure Monitoring: Results of a Randomized Trial in Two Low/Middle-Income Countries. Telemedicine and e-Health Journal 2012; 18(8):613-20. (Abstract)


Eve Kerr and Anne Sales were selected to serve on the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Advisory Panel on Improving Healthcare Systems.

In the News

Angie Fagerlin was quoted by Reuters about the need for doctors to talk with women about breast cancer reducing drugs.

Members of the 2013 Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation Policy Fellowship (including Jack Iwashyna and Kara Zivin) were recently recognized in the Record Update for their visit to Washington DC to learn how policies are formed inside the Beltway.

Sarah Krein was quoted by discussing her research on urinary tract infection prevention. (Abstract)

Jeff Kullgren's study on group-based incentivized weight loss was covered by 14 news sources, including Reuters, Boston Globe, US News & World Report and Time Magazine. (Abstract)

Ken Langa was quoted by UM Health Systems Headline discussing the findings from his study on the healthcare costs of dementia. (Abstract)

John Piette was featured in Wired Magazine Innovation Insights Blog discussing his work in Latin America. (Abstract)

Sanjay Saint was quoted by discussing the decreased rates of urinary tract infections in Michigan. (Abstract)

National Conference Presentations

  • Ballard C, Banerjee S, Fox C, Howard R, Kales HC, Lyketsos K, Schneider L, Sultzer D. Treating behavioral and psychological symptoms in AD and dementia: a trans-Atlantic workshop, Oral presentation. American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, March 16, 2013
  • Kales HC. Antipsychotics and mortality in the elderly: the good, the bad and the ugly. Oral presentation. Detroit VA Grand Rounds, Detroit, MI. January 30, 2013
  • Sirey J, Zivin K, Bogner HR, Kales HC. Strategies to improve mental health treatment adherence among older adults. Oral presentation. American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, March 14, 2013

Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, April 24-27

  • Bernstein S, Grant P. Timing of post-discharge venous thromboembolic events and effect of prophylaxis in hospitalized medicine patients. Poster presentation.
  • Forman J, Greenstone L. Building the foundation for a patient-centered medical home in a large VA academic medical center. Poster presentation.
  • Kullgren J. A mixed-methods randomized controlled trial of employer matching of deposit contracts to promote weight loss. Oral presentation.
  • Kullgren J. Trends in and correlates of awareness of a prediabetes diagnosis among US adults. Oral presentation.
  • Kullgren J. A census of state-based consumer health care price websites, Poster presentation.
  • Min L, Kerr E. Net effect of aggressive blood pressure control on stroke and falls in older community-dwelling adults. Poster presentation.
  • Min L, Kerr E. Predictors of potential blood pressure overtreatment in older veterans with diabetes. Oral presentation.
  • Post E, Piette J. Burden of mental illness among VA primary care patients. Poster presentation.
  • Rosland AM, Ayanian J. Taking the first steps in your research career: obtaining a career development award. Workshop.
  • Rosland AM, Part-time primary care physician access and continuity in the patient centered medical home. Poster presentation.
  • Silveira M. Trends in advance directive use and hospitalization among elderly Americans, 2000-2010. Oral presentation.
  • Streit S, Kerr E. Association between multimorbidity and the quality of primary care in a country with universal healthcare coverage. Poster presentation.
  • Sussman J. The J-Curve in the clinic: Is real-world blood pressure as measured in our clinics a major cardiac risk factor. Poster presentation.
  • Zipkin D, Sussman J. Is a picture worth 1,000 words? Communicating evidence to patients. Workshop.

Grants Funded

PI: Michele Heisler, IIR
Title: Technologically Enhanced Coaching (TEC): A Program to Improve Diabetes Outcomes
Team members: Team members: Martin Bermann (Detroit), Angela Fagerlin, Judith Long (Philadelphia), Sandeep Vijan, Rebecca Mase

PI: Caroline Richardson, SDP
Title: VA Diabetes Prevention: Enhanced Implementation Evaluation
Team members: Charles Billington (Minneapolis), Laura Damschroder, Santanu Datta (Durham), Matthew Maciejewski (Durham), Tannaz Moin (Los Angeles), Nanette Steinle (Baltimore), Jane Weinreb (Los Angeles), William Yancy (Durham), Fatima Makki, Brad Youles, Maria Hughes, and Caitlin Reardon

PI: Caroline Richardson, CREATE
Title: Stay Strong
Transforming Prevention into Action CREATE
Team members: Molly Harrod, Julie Lowery, Larry Miller (Detroit), Joseph Anderson (White River Junction), Oswald Haye (Orlando), Medley Larkin (Saginaw), Reema Kadri, Pia Roman

PI: Caroline Richardson, HSRD supplemental funds
Title: Augmenting the VA Diabetes Prevention Clinical Demonstration Project with a Web Based Option
Team Members: Charles Billington (Minneapolis), Laura Damschroder, Santanu Datta (Durham), Katherine Havens (Milwaukee), Matthew Maciejewski (Durham), Tannaz Moin (Los Angeles), Nanette Steinle (Baltimore), Jane Weinreb (Los Angeles), William Yancy (Durham), Fatima Makki, Brad Youles, Maria Hughes, and Caitlin Reardon

PI: Kara Zivin, RRP
Title: Employment support needs of VA primary care patients with depression and anxiety
Team members: Kristen Abraham, Paul Pfeiffer, Marcia Valenstein, Erin Miller, Matheos Yosef

Papers Accepted

  • Chopra V, Kuhn L, Coffey CE Jr., Salameh M, Barron J, Krein S, Flanders SA, Saint S. Hospitalist experiences, practice opinions and knowledge related to peripherally inserted central catheters: a Michigan survey. Journal of Hospital Medicine.
  • De la Cruz M, Lai Z, Goodrich D, Kilbourne A. Gender differences in health-related quality of life in patients with bipolar disorder. Archives of Women’s Mental Health.
  • Ilgen MA, Bohnert K, Kleinberg F, Jannaush M, Bohnert ASB, Walton M, Blow FC. Characteristics of adults seeking medical marijuana certification. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.
  • Katz I, Kemp J, Blow F, McCarthy J, Bossarte R. Changes in suicide rates and in mental health staffing in the Veterans Health Administration, 2005-2009. Psychiatry Services.
  • Rogers M, Greene T, Young V, Saint S, Langa KM, Kao J, Aronoff D. Depression, antidepressant medications and risk of clostridium difficile infection. BMC Medicine.
  • Sakihama T, Honda H, Saint S, Fowler K, Shimizu T, Kamiya T, Sato Y, Arakawa S, Lee J, Iwata K, Mihashi M, Tokuda Y. Hand hygiene adherence among healthcare workers at Japanese hospitals: a multi center observational study in Japan. Journal of Patient Safety.


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