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Accomplishments and Impacts Newsletter December 2014 - February 2015


Brahmajee Nallamothu and Sameer Saini were selected for the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation (CHRT) policy fellowship. The policy program focuses on building connections between health services research and policy for more effective, evidence-based health policy decisions.

In the News

Michele Heisler was quoted in Medicine at Michigan about her work with the U-M Asylum Collaborative and their efforts to support survivors of torture.

Sarah Hawley was quoted by HealthDay about the exciting preliminary results of a breast cancer vaccine trial.

Jack Iwashyna was highlighted for his work on sepsis in Medicine at Michigan.

Eve Kerr’s and John Ayanian’s op-ed on stopping overconsumption in health care was featured in the Harvard Business Review.

Eve Kerr was highlighted in a profile video done by the Institute for Health Policy Innovation (IHPI) at the University of Michigan.

Eve Kerr’s was quoted in Medscape and referenced in ItaliaSalute articles about the Choosing Wisely campaign.

Helen Kales and her collaborator appeared on American Society of Aging’s Generations Education webinar series to discuss their algorithmic approach for managing difficult behaviors in dementia, DICE.

Jeff Kullgren was interviewed by Time Money about ways to get cheaper health care in 2015.

Ken Langa and Deb Levine’s guide to help doctors and patients navigate mild cognitive impairment was featured by M Health System and Medical Xress.

Ken Langa was quoted in the Asia News Monitor in Bangkok on the promises and risks of health information technology, especially for older Americans with low health and digital literacy.

Ken Langa was quoted in a Detroit Free Press article on the lack of evidence that brain crossword puzzles, Sudoku and other brain games are not an evidence-based way to maintain mental sharpness.

The paper by Brahmajee Nallamothu on the effects of faster “door-to-balloon” time on emergency heart patients was highlighted by Futurity.

Nicholas Osborne’s was highlighted in M Health News for his recent research on negligible effect report cards have on surgical outcomes.

Joel Rubenstein’s research on malpractice claims and esophageal cancer was featured in the VA Research Currents Newsletter and Gastroenterology and Endoscopy News.

Jeremy Sussman and Rod Hayward’s work on steering personalized prevention efforts for diabetes prevention was featured in M Health News and PR Newswire.

Rebecca Sripada’s work on social support and PTSD treatment-seeking was featured in the VA Research Currents Newsletter.

Sandeep Vijan was quoted by MedPage Today on balancing the benefits and potential harms of diabetes drugs.


Tanner Caverly, with the support of the Lown Institute, created the Do No Harm Project Competition that asks clinical medical trainees to write vignettes chronicling harm or near harm caused by medical overuse. They announced the inaugural winners in January 2015.

Grants Submitted

Tim Hofer and Eve Kerr, IIR
Identifying, measuring and facilitating opportunities for de-intensification of medical services
Team members: Steven Bernstein, Tanner Caverly, Laura Damschroder, Angela Fagerlin, Mark Helfand (Portland), Sarah Krein, Lillian Min, Sameer Saini, Jeremy Sussman

Lillian Min, IIR
Assessing hypertension care for aged Veterans: balancing risks and benefits
Team members: Neil Alexander, Laura Damschroder, Timothy Hofer, Eve Kerr, Myra Kim, Ken Langa, Matt Maciejewski (Durham)

Paul Pfeiffer, IIR
Title: Incorporating treatment outcomes into quality measurement of depression care
Team members: Tim Hofer, Myra Kim, John Piette, Marcia Valenstein, Sandeep Vijan, Kara Zivin

Sheila Rauch, IIR
Extending prolonged exposure for PTSD into VHA Primary Care
Team members: Ronald Acierno (Charleston), Carolyn Allard (San Diego), Kip Bohnert, Jeff Cigrang (Dayton), Keith Cox (Charleston), Afsoon Eftekhari (Menlo Park), Pia Heppner (San Diego), Myra Kim, Sonya Norman (San Diego), Paul Pfeiffer, Katherine Porter, Joshua Ruberg (San Diego), Josef Ruzek (Menlo Park), Peter Tuerk (Charleston), Marcia Valenstein, Bethany Wangelin (Charleston), Kara Zivin

Anne Sales, IIR
Computational Ethnography: Detecting teams in VA intensive care
Team members: Jack Iwashyna, Melissa Miller

Kara Zivin, IIR
Title: VA response to guidance regarding risks of psychotropic medication use
Team members: Paul Pfeiffer, Ann Sales, Marcia Valenstein, Molly Harrod, Jennifer Henry, Deirdre Conroy

Maria Silveira, Pilot proposal
Title: MEMS monitoring and reminders for improving oral chemotherapy adherence
Team members: D’Andra Featherstone, Lindsay Street, Betsy Paul

Eve Kerr, QUERI Veterans’ Choice Act RFA (funded)
Title: Ensuring quality and care coordination in the era of Veterans Choice
Team members: Steve Bernstein, Laura Damschroder, Jane Forman, Leo Greenstone, Tim Hofer, Sara Krein, Paul Pfeiffer, John Piette, Ann-Marie Rosland, Sameer Saini, Jennifer Burgess, Jennifer David, David Goodrich, Caitlin Kelley, Mandi Klamerus, Christine Kowalski, Nicolle Marinec, Katherine Prenovost, Dana Striplin, Nicholas Yankey, Sara Scholle (Washington DC)

Conference Presentations

Goodrich, DE; Almirall, D; Abraham, KM; Nord, KM; Lai, Z; Bowersox, NW; & Kilbourne, AM. (2014). Cluster randomized trial comparing standard versus enhanced implementation strategies for improving outreach to persons with SMI: 12-month results. Paper presented at the Seventh Annual NIH Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation. Bethesda, MD.

Iwashyna, TJ. (2015). Recovery & Challenges after Severe Sepsis: New Data & More Questions. Paper presented at the Critical Care and Trauma Division, The George Institute. Sydney, Australia.

Iwashyna, TJ. (2015). Recovery & Challenges after Severe Sepsis: New Data & More Questions. Presented at ANZIC-RC, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University. Melbourne, Australia.

Kilbourne, AM; & Almirall, D. (2014) Sequential multiple assignment randomized trials (SMART) and adaptive designs for implementation studies. Paper presented at the Seventh Annual NIH Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation. Bethesda, MD.

Nord KM, Goodrich DE, VanPoppelen C, Kyle J, Bauer MS, Waxmonsky JA, Lai Z, Kim HM, Eisenberg D, Thomas MR, Kilbourne AM. (2014). Cluster randomized controlled trial of two implementation strategies in community-based practices: two-year patient outcomes. Poster presented at the Seventh Annual NIH Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation. Bethesda, MD.

Saint, S. (2014). Diagnostic error and clinical problem-solving. Paper presented at Dowling Lecture Series at University of Illinois at Chicago. Chicago, IL.

Saint, S. (2014).The art and science of leadership and followership in preventing infection. Paper presented at Dowling Lecture Series at University of Illinois at Chicago. Chicago, IL.

Sripada, RK; & Rauch, SA. (2015). Between-session and within-session habituation in prolonged exposure therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder: A hierarchical linear modeling approach. Poster presented at Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Miami, FL.

Sripada, RK; & Rauch, SA. (2015). Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and treatment response in prolonged exposure for PTSD. Poster presented at Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Miami, FL.

Papers Published

Aikens, JE; Trivedi, R; Heapy, A; Pfeiffer, PN; & Piette, JD. (2015). Potential impact of incorporating a patient-selected support person into mhealth for depression. J Gen Intern Med.

Alyeshmerni, DM; Ryan, A; & Nallamothu, BK. (2015). Defining value in percutaneous coronary intervention: "The price of everything and the value of nothing". J Am Coll Cardiol, 65(3), 243-245.

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Bernstein, SL; Barsky, CL; & Powell, E. (2015). Professional societies, political action committees, and party preferences. Am J Public Health, 105(1), e11-e14.

Bernstein, SL; & Miller, NR. (2015). Ischemic optic neuropathies and their models: Disease comparisons, model strengths and weaknesses. Jpn J Ophthalmol.

Bernstein, SL; & Shayne, P. (2015). Ebola, physicians in training, and the duty to treat. Acad Emerg Med, 22(1), 88-90.

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