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Accomplishments and Impacts Newsletter March - May 2015


Eve Kerr was elected to the Association of American Physicians. Her membership was presented at the ASCI/AAP Joint Meeting in April, 2015 in Chicago.

Brahmajee Nallamothu was elected to the American Society of Clinical Investigation.

Donovan Maust was appointed to the American Academy of Neurology (AAN).

Lillian Min was awarded “Best Geriatrics Research Oral Abstract” for her talk, “Net Harms of Aggressive Blood Pressure Control on Cardiovascular Events and Fall Injury in Older Adults” at the 2015 Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) annual meeting in Toronto.

Sanjay Saint will receive the 2015 Distinguished Scientist Award from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). The 2015 APIC Awards will be presented at the 42nd Annual Conference, in Nashville, TN.

Anne Sales received the Lou Ann Atkins Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award.

Heather Walters was awarded by the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System’s Detroit Federal Executive Board’s 38th Annual Federal Employee Recognition Ceremony Award Recipients.


Jeremy Sussman and Rodney Hayward were highlighted for their work in the monthly report from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The study is based in part on a PCORI-funded methodology research project finding great variation in the optimal approach to prevention among patients at high risk for diabetes.

Angela Fagerlin, Sarah Hawley, and Brahmajee Nallamothu (all Department of Internal Medicine) were promoted to Professor with Tenure.

Sarah Krein (Department of Internal Medicine) was promoted to Research Professor.

In the News

CCMR project led by Helen Kales on antipsychotics and other psychotropics, and the risk of death in patients with dementia has been cited in over 20 news outlets and popular consumer health sources, including NPR, USA Today, US News, Web MD, and Medline Plus.

Donovan Maust was quoted in Forbes on the impact of antipsychotics in patients with dementia.

Jack Iwashyna was quoted in Medicine at Michigan for his work on redefining sepsis care and survival.

Michele Heisler was quoted in Medicine at Michigan for her work with U-M medical students who are helping survivors of torture.

Jeff Kullgren was quoted in Money about high-deductible healthcare plans and high levels of cost sharing.

Sanjay Saint’s “No Preventable Harms” key findings was featured in VA Research Currents Newsletter.

Sarah Krein’s article on female Veterans with diabetes was presented as a research brief to VHA leaders as part of the HSR&D publication alert process.

The work led by Helen Kales on assessment and management of behavioral symptoms of dementia has been cited in 13 news outlets, including Newswise, EurekAlert!, and Medical Daily.

Hallie Prescott, Ken Langa, and Jack Iwashyna’s work on readmission diagnosis after hospitalization for severe sepsis has been cited in 14 news outlets and consumer health sources, including US News, Medline Plus, and Medical News Today.

Brahmajee Nallamothu and others’ project on policies on family presence during resuscitation has been cited in more than 20 news outlets, including Fox News, Yahoo! News, and Business Standard.

The Ann Arbor Method for Catheter Use, a project involving many CCMR staff and investigators including Sarah Krein, Karen Fowler, and Sanjay Saint, has been cited in several news outlets including Today Topics, Medical News Today, EurekaAlert!, and others.

Eight news outlets have cited the work on hospital efforts to reduce C. diff infections done by CCMR staff and investigators Sarah Krein, Karen Fowler, and Sanjay Saint. News outlets include Medical News Today,, and Health Canal.

Hallie Prescott was quoted in several news outlets, including, Today Topic, and Medical News Today for her work on hospitalization and severe sepsis.

Vineet Chopra was quoted about peripherally inserted central catheters in eight news outlets, including Health Medicinet, MedicalXpress, and Health Canal.

Ken Langa’s work on health literacy and the digital divide has been cited in 9 news outlets, including Huffington Post and US News.

Grants Funded

Paul Pfieffer, IIR
Title: Incorporating treatment outcomes into quality measurement of depression care
Team Members: Tim Hofer, John Piette, Marcia Valenstein, Sandeep Vijan, Kara Zivin, Dara Ganoczy, Jennifer Henry, Nicolle Marinec

Lillian Minn, IIR
Title: Assessing hypertension care for aged Veterans: Balancing risks and benefits
Team Members: Neil Alexander, Laura Damschroder, Tim Hofer, Eve Kerr, Ken Langa, Matthew Maciejewski, Leah Gillon, Rob Holleman, Mandi Klamerus

Kara Zivin and Anne Sales, IIR
Title: VA response to guidance regarding risks of psychotropic mediation use
Team Members: Paul Pfeiffer, Marcia Valenstein, Molly Harrod, Jennifer Henry, Deirdre Conroy

Grants Submitted

Kip Bohnert, IIR
Title: Cannabis use and health among VHA primary care patients
Team members: Fred Blow, Mark Ilgen, Paul Pfeiffer, Ann-Marie Rosland, William Bloem (Battle Creek)

Vineet Copra and Sarah Krein, IIR
Title: Understanding use of peripherally inserted catheters (PICCS): System, provider, patient perspectives
Team members: Molly Harrod, Latoya Kuhn, David Ratz, Kathlyn Fletcher (Milwaukee)

Michele Heisler, IIR
Title: Peer support to enhance diabetes shared medical appointments: Examining comparative effectiveness in VA health systems
Team members: Julie Lowery, Tim Hofer, Wyndy Wiitala, Christine Kowalski, Angie Larkin, Jen Burgess, Jenny Davis, Susan Kirsh (Cleveland), David Edelman (Durham), Lori Parente (West Haven), Melanie Parent (Providence), Sharfun Ghaus (Palo Alto), Michael Goldstein (Durham), Sean Jeffery (West Haven)

Helen Kales, IIR
Title: Unintended consequences: The impact of VA antipsychotic reduction efforts in dementia
Team members: Eve Kerr, Donovan Maust, Kara Zivin, Claire Chiang, Barbara Stanislawski, Oma Intrator (Canandaigua), Ilse Wiechers (West Haven)

Eve Kerr and Tim Hofer, IIR
Title: Identifying, measuring and facilitating opportunities for de-intensification of medical services
Team members: Steven Bernstein, Tanner Caverly, Laura Damschroder, Angela Fagerlin, Mark Helfand (Portland), Sarah Krein, Lillian Min, Sameer Saini, Jeremy Sussman, Rob Holleman, Caitlin Kelley, Mandi Klamerus, Katherine Prenovost, Caitlin Reardon

Julie Lowery, QUERI
Title: PrOVE: PeRsonalizing options for Veteran engagement
Team members: Angela Fagerlin, Ann-Marie Rosland, Tanner Caverly, Laura Damschroder, David Goodrich, Eve Kerr, Jeremy Sussman, Balmatee Bidassie (Indianapolis), Teresa Damush (Indianapolis), John Downs (San Antonio), Tanaz Moin (West Los Angeles), Renda Weiner (Bedford), Mona AuYoung, Rob Holleman, Caitlin Kelley, Caitlin Reardon, Nicholas Yankey, Brad Youles

Susan Murphy, IIR
Title: Increasing access to evidence-based treatment for osteoarthritis: The use of interactive voice response to deliver a behavioral intervention
Team members: John Piette, Sarah Krein, Nicolle Marinec, Dana Striplin, Kelli Allen (Durham), Alicia Heapy (West Haven), Robert Kerns (West Haven)

Anne Sales, QUERI
Title: Implementing goals of care conversation with Veterans in VA LTC settings
Team members: Robert Hogikyan, Helen Kales, Marcon Montagini, Sheri Reder, Elissa Gaies, Mary Ersek (Philadelphia), Joan Carpenter (Philadelphia), Oma Intrator (Canandaigua), Tobie Olsan (Canandaigua), Sharon Dally (Canandaigua), Winifred Scott (Canandaigua), Catherine Dubicki (Canandaigua), Cari Levy (Denver), Vyjeyanthi Periyakoil (Palo Alto), Laura Gitlin (Philadelphia), Ann Kolanowski (Philadelphia), Michele Karel (Philadelphia), Susan Bray-Hall (Denver)

Becca Sripada, CDA
Title: Optimizing treatment response in VA specialized intensive/inpatient PTSD programs
Team members: Marcia Valenstein, Sheila Rauch, Fred Blow, Jane Forman

Jeremy Sussman, IIR
Title: Developing benefit-based performance measures for VHA
Team members: Laura Damschroder, Rod Hayward, Tim Hofer, Eve Kerr, Deborah Levine, Brahmajee Nallamothu, Sandeep Vijan, Doug Bentley, Jenny Davis, Caitlin Kelley, Katherine Prenovost, Wyndy Wiitala

National Conference Presentations

Bucy R, Hanisko K, Ewing L, Davis J, Kepreos K, Youles B, Lehrich J, Nord KM, Chap P, Nallamothu BK, Iwashyna TJ. Validity of in-hospital cardiac arrest ICD-9-CM codes in Veterans. (2015). Poster presented at the Albert J. Silverman Research Conference. Ann Arbor, MI.

Janney C. (2015). Bipolar disorder influences weight loss in the nationally implemented move program for Veterans. Paper presented at the International Society for Bipolar Disorders 17th Annual Conference. Toronto, Canada.

Hanisko K, Bucy R, Ewing L, Davis J, Youles B, Lehrich J, Guyer H, Chan P, Iwashyna TJ, Nallamothu. (2015). Recovery after in hospital cardiac arrest: late outcomes and utilization (ResCU) – study overview and recruitment process. Paper presented at the Albert J. Silverman Research Conference. Ann Arbor, MI.

Kales HC. (2015). The Time is now to address behavioral symptoms of dementia. Oral presentation at the Riverside Senior Services. Kankakee, IL.

Krein S. (2015). Successful implementation catheter-associated urinary tract infection prevention bundles: Lessons learned. Paper presented at the ECCMID (European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases). Copenhagen, Denmark.

Krein S. (2015). Introduction to qualitative and mixed methods. Paper presented at the SHEA (The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America) Spring 2015 Conference. Orlando, FL.

Sripada RK, Rauch SA. (2015). Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and treatment response in prolonged exposure for PTSD. Paper presented at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Miami, FL.

Sripada RK, Rauch SA. (2015). Between-session and within-session habituation in prolonged exposure therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder: A hierarchical linear modeling approach. Poster presented at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Miami, FL.

Papers Published

Adams, MA; Hosmer, AE; Wamsteker, EJ; Anderson, MA; Elta, GH; Kubiliun, NM; Kwon, RS; Piraka, CR; Scheiman, JM; Waljee, AK; Hussain, HK; & Elmunzer, BJ. (2015). Predicting the likelihood of a persistent bile duct stone in patients with suspected choledocholithiasis: Accuracy of existing guidelines and the impact of laboratory trends. Gastrointest Endosc.

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Aikens, JE; Trivedi, R; Aron, DC; & Piette, JD. (2015). Integrating support persons into diabetes telemonitoring to improve self-management and medication adherence. J Gen Intern Med, 30(3), 319-326.

Ashrafioun, L; Bohnert, AS; Jannausch, M; & Ilgen, MA. (2015). Evaluation of the current opioid misuse measure among substance use disorder treatment patients. J Subst Abuse Treat.

Ashrafioun, L; Bohnert, KM; Jannausch, M; & Ilgen, MA. (2015). Characteristics of substance use disorder treatment patients using medical cannabis for pain. Addict Behav, 42, 185-188.

Bair, MJ; & Bohnert, AS. (2015). Overdoses in patients on opioids: Risks associated with mental health conditions and their treatment. J Gen Intern Med.

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