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CCMR Accomplishments November and December 2012

Policy and Practice Impacts

Dr. Helen Kales and her collaborators from Johns Hopkins, Dr. Laura Gitlin and Constantine Lyketsos, discussed their article “Nonpharmacologic management of behavioral symptoms in dementia” as part of JAMA’s Author in the Room program on December 19. The Author in the Room program highlights articles with the potential to change clinical practice. Authors participated in a conference call with clinicians and the audio file of the discussion is posted at: Author in the Room

The following article has received wide high-level VHA distribution and was selected to be briefed for VHA leaders as a part of HSR&D’s publication alert process. The article is highlighted on the VA Research Currents website  Article: Szymanski B, Bohnert K, Zivin K, and McCarthy J. Integrated Care: Treatment Initiation Following Positive Depression Screens. Journal of General Internal Medicine November 13, 2012; E-pub ahead of print.

In the News

Dr. Kales' JAMA paper outlining a six step approach to managing dementia without medication was featured by UMHS Health Systems Headline.

Michele Heisler was featured in an article by "US Medicine: the voice of federal medicine" discussing the effectiveness of peer support for Veterans with diabetes.

Sarah Hawley's research on women choosing to have a double mastectomy was covered by many media outlets, including, NPR and the National Cancer Institute.

Brahmajee Nallamothu’s research on longer CPR attempts was featured by and Medicine at Michigan.

Eve Kerr, Rod Hayward and Amy Kilbourne were featured in the Medicine at Michigan magazine magazine discussing IHPI and the potential for collaboration.

Sonia Duffy's work on why patients with a cancer diagnosis continue to smoke was featured by many media outlets, including and Science Newsline.

Eve Kerr is quoted by, encouraging a more individualized approach to cholesterol treatment for patients with diabetes, based on a CCMR paper recently published in Circulation. This paper was also featured by the VA Center for Information Dissemination and Education Resources CIDER. Other authors include Ashley Beard (first author), Tim Hofer, Mandi Klamerus and Rob Holleman.



PI: Michele Heisler, IIR
Title: Technologically Enhanced Coaching (TEC): A Program for Improving Diabetes Outcomes
Team members: Martin Bermann (Detroit), Angela Fagerlin, Judith Long (Philadelphia), Sandeep Vijan

PI: Kara Zivin, IIR
Title: Predictors and outcomes of long-term antidepressant use
Team Members: Kristen Abraham, Paul Pfeiffer, Marcia Valenstein

PI: Sameer Saini, IIR
Title: Promoting Veteran-centered colorectal cancer screening
Team Members: Steven Bernstein, Sarah Hawley, Eve Kerr, Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar (Netherlands), Carmen Lewis (Chapel Hill), Adam Powell (Minneapolis), Philip Schoenfeld, Marjolein van Ballegooijen (Netherlands), Frank van Hees (Netherlands), Sandeep Vijan, Ann Zauber (New York), Brian Zikmund-Fisher

PI: Sarah Krein, IIR
Title: Identifying and reducing catheter-related complications
Team Members: Sanjay Saint, Suzanne Bradley, Carol Chenoweth, Vineet Chopra, Adiseshu Gundlapalli (Salt Lake City), John Hollingsworth, Erica Hubenthal, Mary Rogers, Barbara Trautner (Houston)

PI: Maria Silveira, IIR
Title: Improving patient adherence and caregiver support during oral chemotherapy
Team Members: Lisa Arfons (Cleveland), Daljeet Bansal (Loma Linda), Charles Given (East Lansing), Michael Kelley (Durham), Betsy Paul, John Piette

PI: Sonia Duffy, IIR
Title: Integrating smoking cessation services in patient aligned care teams
Team Members: Fred Blow, Beth Cameron (Dayton), Kathleen Conrad (Dayton), Neil Jordan (Hines), Anne Jones Monnett (Dayton), David Ronis, Scott Sherman (New York), Ramon Verdaguer (Dayton)

PIs: Theodore Iwashyna and Brahmajee Nallamothu, IIR
Title: Recovery after in hospital cardiac arrest: late outcomes and utilization (ResCU)
Team Members: Steven Bradley (Denver), Christopher Bryson (Seattle), Paul Chan (Kansas City), Michael Ho (Denver), Tim Hofer, Kenneth Langa, Preeti Malani, Sanjay Saint, Anne Sales, Peter Kaboli (Iowa City)

PI: Sarah Hawley, IIR
Title: Optimizing Veteran-Centered Prostate Cancer Survivorship Care
Team Members: Angie Fagerlin, Jeffrey Gingrich (Pittsburgh), Robert Grubb (St. Louis), Tim Hofer, Laura Damschroder, Bruce Ling (Pittsburgh), John Piette, Ted Skolarus, John Wei

PI: Kipling Bohnert, CDA
Title: VA Healthcare Delivery for OEF/OIF Veterans with Mental & Substance Use Disorders
Team Members: Fred Blow, Jane Forman, Mark Ilgen, John McCarthy, Sheila Rauch, Marcia Valenstein

PI: Jeremy Sussman, CDA
Title: Implementation research of benefit-based treatment for cardiovascular disease
Team Members: Angie Fagerlin, Rodney Hayward, Eve Kerr, Sarah Krein


PI: Angie Fagerlin, NSABP Foundation
Title: NSABP CCOP Research Base- supplement for Christine Holmberg study
Team members: Sarah Hawley

PIs: Kenneth Langa and Regina Shih (Rand), NIH
Title: Objective and Perceived Neighborhood Characteristics and Cognitive Decline
Team Members: Jose Escarce (UCLA), Kathleen Cagney (UofChicago), Michael Hurd (RAND), Margaret Weden (RAND), Jeremy Miles (RAND), Daniel Kim (RAND), Beth Ann Griffin (RAND)

PIs: Helen C. Kales and Laura Gitlin (Johns Hopkins), R01 from NINR
Title: An Innovative Caregiver Tool to Assess and Manage Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia
Team Members: Lawrence An, Constantine Lyketsos (Johns Hopkins), Laura Struble, Daphne Watkins, Myra Kim, Janet Kavanagh, Claire Chiang, Tiffany Bishop, Claire Stano, Debra Volk

PIs: Helen C. Kales and Daniel Weintraub (University of Pennsylvania), IIR
Title: Helen C. Kales and Daniel Weintraub (University of Pennsylvania), IIR
Team Members: Frederic Blow, Jayne Wilkinson (Philadelphia VA), Connie Marras (University of Toronto), Kara Zivin, Myra Kim, Janet Kavanagh, Claire Chiang, Tiffany Bishop, Claire Stano, Debra Volk

Papers Accepted

  • Conwell WD, Josephson A, Li H, Saint S, Janssen WJ. Weak in the knees. New England Journal of Medicine
  • Chen LM, Birkmeyer JD, Saint S, Jha AK,. Hospitalist staffing and patient satisfaction in the national Medicare population. Journal of Hospital Medicine
  • Washer LL, Chenoweth C, Kim HW, Rogers MAM, Malani AN, Riddell J, Kuhn L, Noeyack N, Neusius H, Newton DW, Saint S, Flanders SA. Blood culture contamination: a randomized trial evaluating the comparative effectiveness of 3 skin antiseptic interventions. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology
  • Saint S, Green, Greene MT, Kowalski CP, Watson SR, Hofer TP, Krein SL. Preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infections in the United States: a national comparative study. Archives of Internal Medicine
  • Levine D, Morgenstern L, Langa K, Piette J, Rogers M, Karve S. Recent trends in cost-related medication nonadherence among US stroke survivors. Annals of Neurology
  • Karve S, Levine D, Seiber E, Nahata M, Balkrishnan R. Trends in ambulatory prescribing of antiplatelet therapy among US ischemic stroke patients: 2000-2007. Advances in Pharmacological Sciences
  • Noonan D, Yunyun J, Duffy S. Utility of biochemical verification of tobacco cessation in the Department of Veterans Affairs. Addictive Behaviors
  • Bohnert ASB, Eisenberg A, Whiteside L, Price A, McCabe SE, Ilgen MA. Prescription opioid use among addiction treatment patients: nonmedical use for pain vs. other forms of nonmedical use. Addictive Behaviors
  • Kilbourne AM, Goodrich DE, Lai Z, Post EP, Schumacher K, Nord KM, Bramlet M, Chermack S, Bialy D, Bauer MS. Randomized controlled trial to reduce cardiovascular disease risk for patients with bipolar disorder: the self-management addressing heart risk trial (SMAHRT). Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
  • Bonar EE, Bohnert ASB, Ilgen MA, Sanborn ML, Chermack ST. Physical assault victimization and coping among adults in residential substance use disorder treatment. Violence & Victims
  • Rosland A, Heisler M, Janevic M, Connell C, Langa LM, Kerr E, Piette J. Current and potential support for chronic disease management in the United States: the perspective of family and friends of chronically ill adults. Families, Systems, and Health
  • Min L, Wenger N, MD, Walling AM, Blaum C, Cigolle C, Ganz DA, Reuben D, Shekelle P, Roth C, Kerr EA. When co-morbidity, aging and complexity of primary care meet: development and validation of the geriatric complexity of care index (GXI). Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
  • Shah M, Kaselitz E, Heisler M. The role of community health workers in diabetes: update on current literature. Current Diabetes Reports

Book Chapters

Zivin K, Kavanagh J, Maixner S, Kales HC. Depression treatment adherence in later life. In: Late-Life Mood Disorders, eds. Reynolds CF, Sajatovic M, and Lavretsky H. In Press, Oxford University Press.

Callahan CM, Kales HC, Gitlin LN, Lyketsos CG. The historical development and state of the art approach to delivery of dementia care services. In: Designing Dementia Care Services, eds. DeWaal H, Ames D, O’Brien J, Lyketsos CG. In Press, Wiley-Blackwell.


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