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Accomplishments and Impacts Newsletter November/December 2013

Policy and Practice Impacts

The new guidelines for lipid management released by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association are a direct result of work that Rod Hayward and CCMR colleagues started over a decade ago.


Helen Kales was named to Hour Detroit Magazine's Top Docs 2013 list for Alzheimer's. Every year Hour Detroit publishes a special issue featuring a list of the highest-ranking doctors in southeastern Michigan. The Top Docs were selected by fellow MDs and DOs via an online balloting system.

In the News

Rod Hayward was mentioned in the New York Times as being one of two doctors that prompted the examination of target LDL levels and the development of new guidelines for lipid management.

Rod Hayward and Jeremy Sussman were quoted in, Science Codex and discussing their study about individualizing treatment recommendations for blood pressure medication by calculating patients' risk factors for heart disease.

Rod Hayward, Tim Hofer and Sandeep Vijan were featured in HSR&D Research News for their instrumental role in the development of new LDL guidelines.

Jack Iwashyna was quoted by the Wall Street Journal about the therapeutic needs of post-ICU patients.

Eve Kerr was quoted by the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System discussing CCMR's designation as a VA Center of Innovation.

Kenneth Langa was quoted by, Group Health Researcg and discussing his recent study highlighting the effects of education, health and other changes in behavior on dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Paper

National Conference Presentations

  • Kales HC. A non-pharmacological approach to neuropsychiatric symptoms and problem behaviors in dementia. Wayne State University, Institute of Gerontology: A Meaningful Life with Alzheimer's Disease. Oral presentation. Detroit, MI, November 5, 2013
  • Saint S, Fowler KE, Krein SL, Flanders SA, Bodnar TW, Young E, Moseley R. Poster. Evaluation of an academic hospitalist model to improve healthcare worker communication and learner education at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI): 19th Annual Scientific Symposium on Improving the Quality and Value of Health Care. Poster presentation. Orlando, FL, December 9, 2013
  • Birgenheir, D. Pain conditions among Veterans with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) Conference, Poster presentation. Nashville, TN, November 23, 2013

Grants Submitted

Co-PIs: Mark Ilgen and Tracy Secker, NIMH
Title: Increasing mental health service utilization in suicidal adults seen in the ED
Team members: Frederic Blow, Amy Bohnert, Rebecca Cunningham, Myra Kim, Cheryl King

PI: Helen C. Kales, Intramural (UM Global Challenges Grant)
Title: Preparing for the Aging Tsunami: Empowering the World’s Healthcare Professionals to Support Elders with Dementia and their Caregivers
Team members: Mary Blazek, Daphne Watkins, Sonia Duffy, Jane Banaszak-Holl, Gretchen Spreitzer, Laura Gitlin (Johns Hopkins), Constantine Lyketsos (Johns Hopkins), Alice Bonner (Northeastern University), Janet Kavanagh, Claire Stano, Jacqueline Dobson, Kathryn Rockefeller

Grants Submitted

PI: Sonya Duffy, IIR (resubmit)
Title: Integrating smoking cessation services in patient aligned care teams
Team members: Fred Blow, Beth Cameron (Dayton), Neil Jordan (Hines), Samantha Louzon, Anna Jones Monnett (Dayton), David Ronis, Scott Sherman (New York), Ramon Verdaguer (Dayton)

PI: Angela Fagerlin, IIR
Title: Using health informatics to improve prostate cancer patient decision making
Team members: Kristin Chrouser (Minneapolis), Laura Damschroder, Sarah Hawley, Muta Issa (Atlanta), Stacy Loeb (New York), Danil Makarov (New York), Michael Risk (Minneapolis), Ted Skolarus, Sandeep Vijan

PI: Mark Ilgen, IIR
Title: Facilitating use of the Veterans Crisis Line in high-risk patients
Team members: Amy Bohnert, Peter Britton (Canandaigua), Stephen Chermack, Felicia Kleinberg, Paul Pfeiffer, E. Brooke Pope (Battle Creek)

PI: Donovan Maust, Career Development, National Institute on Aging
Title: Preventable hospitalization in dementia: the impact of neuropsychiatric symptoms
Team members: Helen Kales, Frederic Blow, Constantine Lyketsos (Johns Hopkins), Kenneth Langa, Claire Chiang, Claire Stano

PI: Lillian Min, IIR
Title: Assessing hypertension care for aged Veterans: balancing risks and benefits
Team members: Neil Alexander, Laura Damschroder, Timothy Hofer, Rob Holleman, Eve Kerr, Mandi Klamerus, Kenneth Langa

PI: John Piette, IIR (resubmit)
Title: Patient-centered pain care using artificial intelligence and mobile health tools
Team members: Alicia Heapy (West Haven), Satinder Baveja, Cynthia Brandt (West Haven), Mark Ilgen, Robert Kerns (West Haven), Hyungjin Kim, Sarah Krein, Caroline Richardson

PI: Ann-Marie Rosland, IIR
Title: Engaging Veterans and family supporters in PACT to improve diabetes management
Team members: Michele Heisler, Eve Kerr, John Piette, Ranak Trivedi (Palo Alto)

PI: Maria Silveira, IIR (resubmit)
Title: Improving patient adherence and caregiver support during oral chemotheraphy
Team members: Daljeet Bansal (Loma Linda), Karen Farris, D'Andra Featherstone, Charles Given (East Lansing), Michael Kelley (Durham), Alla Sikorskii (East Lansing), Lindsay Street

PI: Jeremy Sussman, CDA (resubmit)
Title: Implementation research of benefit-based treatment for cardiovascular disease
Team members: Angie Fagerlin, Rod Hayward, Eve Kerr, Sarah Krein

Grants Funded

PI: Kipling Bohnert, CDA
Title: VA Healthcare Delivery for OEF/OIF Veterans with Mental & Substance Use Disorders
Team members: Fred Blow, Jane Forman, Mark Ilgen, John McCarthy, Sheila Rauch, Marcia Valenstein

PI: Mark Ilgen, DoD
Title: Intervening to reduce suicide risk in Veterans with substance use disorders
Team members: Fred Blow, Amy Bohnert, Stephan Chermack, Cheryl King, Marcia Valenstein, Jennifer Olson-Madden (Denver), Lisa Brenner (Denver), Felicia Kleinberg

Correction from September/October 2013 newsletter:
Co-PIs: Jack Iwashyna and Brahmajee Nallamothu, IIR
Title: Recovery after in-hospital cardiac arrest: late outcomes and utilization (RESCU)
Team members: Steven Bradley (Denver), Christopher Bryson (Seattle), Paul Chan (Kansas City), Michael Ho (Denver), Tim Hofer, Ken Langa, Preeti Malani, Sanjay Saint, Anne Sales, Peter Kaboli (Iowa City), Angela Larkin, Jennifer Davis, Wyndy Wiitala, Kyle Kepreos

Papers Published


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