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CCMR Accomplishments October 2012

In the News

Eve Kerr and Rod Hayward’s Response to Commentary was published in the October Forum:  Moving toward a Patient-centered Performance Management System

UM highlights Sarah Hawley’s upcoming research study focused on how patients and doctors make breast cancer treatment decisions: Improving cancer treatment through better decisions

John Piette’s telehealth work in Honduras and Mexico is featured in the Ann Arbor Journal and the Monthly Prescribing Reference: Ann Arbor Journal; Monthly Prescribing Reference


There are many press releases discussing our lease and move to NCRC:

The official announcement of IHPI's first director, John Z. Ayanian, M.D., MPP, can be found here: M.Health.Org News

The NCRC Annual Report features Fred Blow, Sanjay Saint and Vineet Chopra discussing the opening of IHPI: NCRC Annual Report 2012

This article summarizes IHPI’s kickoff event: M Health System Headlines


A paper written by Deb Levine was chosen by AMIA Informatics 2012 Year in Review as a notable publication in the field of biomedical informatics.  
Improving care after myocardial infarction using a 2-year internet-delivered intervention: the Department of Veterans Affairs myocardial infarction-plus cluster-randomized trial.

National Conference Presentations

Theodore Iwashyna. “User’s Guide to Quality Metrics.” Critical Care Canada Forum, Toronto, ON, Oct 31, 2012

Theodore Iwashyna. “Disability, Not (Just) Quality of Life as Outcome of RCTs.” Critical Care Canada Forum, Toronto, ON, Oct 30, 2012



PI: Ted Skolarus, CDA2
Title: Improving the prostate cancer survivorship care of Veterans
Team members: Sarah Hawley, Timothy Hofer, Brent Hollenbeck, Anne Sales

PI: Michele Heisler, SDP
Title: Implementation study of the Peer-to-Peer program for patients with diabetes.
Team Members: Julie Lowery, Tim Hofer, Wyndy Wiitala, John Piette, Susan Kirsh (Cleveland), David Edelman (Durham), Michael Goldstein (Durham)

PI: Helen Kales, IIR
Title: Morbidity and mortality risks with antipsychotic use in Parkinson’s disease
Team Members: Daniel Weintraub (Philadelphia), Jayne Wilkinson (Philadelphia), Myra Hyungjin, Fred Blow, Kara Zivin, Connie Marras (Ontario)

PI: Marcia Valenstein, IIR
Title: Veteran college students mental health and academic achievement
Team Members: Jane Forman, Stephen DesJardins, Kara Zivin, Paul Pfeiffer, Myra Kim, Kip Bohnert, James Lepkowski, Sarah Hawley

PI: John Piette/Alicia Heapy, CREATE
Title: Comprehensive opioid management in patient aligned care teams (COMPACT)
Team Members: Matthew Bair (Indiana), Greg Beehler (Buffalo), William Becker (Connecticut), Cynthia Brandt (Connecticut), Joseph Goulet (Connecticut), Diana Higgins (Connecticut), Ula Hwang (Bronx), Erin Krebs (Indiana), Sarah Krein

Papers Accepted

  • Beard AJ, Hofer TP, Downs JZR, Lucatorto M, Klamerus ML, Holleman R, Kerr EA. Assessing appropriateness of lipid management among patients with diabetes: moving from target to treatment. CV Quality and Outcomes
  • Bowersox NW, Szymanski BJ, McCarthy JF. Associations between psychiatric inpatient bed supply and the prevalence of serious mental illness in Veterans Affairs nursing homes. Am J Public Health
  • Cooke CR, Iwashyna TJ. Using existing data to address important clinical questions in critical care (a concise definitive review). Critical Care Med
  • Gitlin LN, Kales HC, Lyketsos CG. Nonpharmacologic management of behavioral symptoms in dementia. JAMA
  • Ilgen MA, Kleinberg F, Ignacio RV, Bohnert ASB, Valenstein M, McCarthy JF, Blow FC, Katz IR. Non-cancer pain conditions and risk of suicide. JAMA Psychiatry
  • Johnson-Lawrence V, Zivin K, Szymanski B, Pfeiffer PN, McCarthy JF. VA Primary care–mental health integration: patient characteristics and receipt of mental health services, 2008-2010. Psychiatric Services
  • Lutes LD, DiNatale E, Goodrich DE, Ronis DL, Gillon L, Kirsh S, Richardson CR, Damschroder LJ. A randomized trial of a small changes approach for weight loss in Veterans design rational and baseline characteristics of the ASPIRE VA trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials
  • Rubinson L, Mutter R, Viboud C, Hupert N, Uyeki T, Creanga A, Finelli L, Iwashyna TJ, Carr B, Merchant R, Katikineni D, Vaughn F, Clancy C, Lurie N. Impact of the fall 2009 influenza A(H1NI)pdm09 pandemic on U.S. hospitals. Med Care
  • Seymour CW, Iwashyna TJ, Cooke CR. Managing uncertainty in claims-based sepsis research. Critical Care Med
  • Szymanski BR, Bohnert K, Zivin K, McCarthy JF. Integrated care: treatment initiation following positive depression screens. Journal General Internal Medicine
  • Wagner J, Iwashyna TJ, Kahn JM. Reasons underlying interhospital transfers to an academic medical intensive care unit. Journal Critical Care


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