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CCMR Accomplishments September 2012

In the News

In a nationwide program that aimed to provide better care at a lower cost for Medicare participants, the University of Michigan Faculty Group Practice (FGP) made the most progress in reducing costs and improving the quality of care for patients. The FGP is composed of UM Medical School physicians who are faculty.

The total volume of research at U-M rose by 3 percent to a record $1.27 billion — an increase of $37.5 million — in the fiscal year that closed on June 30.

Ann-Marie Rosland, Sameer Saini and Akbar Waljee are featured on page 21 of in The Connection newsletter discussing their CDA awards.

Michele Heisler was quoted in a Veterans’ blog discussing the benefits of support groups for Veterans with diabetes and obesity.

A study co-authored by Sanjay Saint and highlighted in, shows that common hospital-acquired infections are rarely reported in the dataset used to withhold payments from Medicare.

Kip Bohnert and Fred Blow recently published research demonstrating that substance-use disorder are linked to increased risk of death for Veterans with PTSD.



Helen Kales has been made chair of the VISN 11 subcommittee on challenging behaviors in dementia and has been named post-graduate year (PGY) 4 Residency class advisor.


International Presentations

John Piette recently chaired an international conference in Quito, Ecuador, titled “Health and equity in Latin America: E-health for chronic non-communicable diseases”. Steve Bernstein and Michele Heisler were in attendance.

Michele Heisler joined Mary Sue Coleman on a trip to Brazil to celebrate and expand the University’s many partnerships and ties in the country. They visited several cities between Sept. 22-28 and you can follow their trip on To watch videos on Michele and others, visit


National Conference Presentations

  • Ted Skolarus, Margaret Holmes-Rovner, Rodney Dunn, Sarah Hawley, John Wei, John Piette, Larry An. “Monitoring quality of life among prostate cancer survivors: the feasibility of automated telephone assessment.” CDC National Cancer Conference, Washington DC, August 21-23, 2012
  • Sanjay Saint. “Implementing Change: The Art & Science of Leadership and Followership in Preventing Infection.” Ascension Health High Reliability Forum”. Ascension Health, Orlando FL, August 1, 2012
  • Sanjay Saint. “The Role of Leaders and Followers in Enhancing Patient Safety by Preventing CAUTI.” Oregon Partnership for Patients CAUTI meeting, Portland OR, September 27, 2012
  • Sanjay Saint. “Division of General Medicine at the University of Michigan: Integrating Missions.” Midwest Annual Society of General Internal Medicine meeting, Chicago IL, September 14, 2012
  • Michele Heisler. “VHA ORD Media Roundtable on Diabetes/Obesity”, VA Office of Research and Development Webinar, August 28, 2012.
  • John McCarthy. “Presidential Invited Symposium on Interprofessional Practice in Integrated Primary Care.” American Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, August 3, 2012




Laura Damschroder, RRP
Clarity out of Chaos: Synthesizing Implementation Findings.
Team members: Team members: Julie Lowery (Co-PI), Carmen Hall (Minneapolis)

Kara Zivin, RRP
Employment support needs of VA primary care patients with depression and anxiety
Team members: Kristen Abraham, Paul Pfeiffer, Marcia Valenstein

Paul Pfeiffer, RRP
Technology-Assisted Peer Support For Recently Hospitalized Depressed Veterans
Team members: Steven Dobscha (Portland), John Piette, Marcia Valenstein

Caroline Richardson, SDP
VA Diabetes Prevention: Enhanced Implementation Evaluation
Team members: Charles Billington (Minneapolis), Laura Damschroder, Santanu Datta (Durham), Matthew Maciejewski (Durham), Tannaz Moin (Los Angeles), Nanette Steinle (Baltimore), Jane Weinreb (Los Angeles), William Yancy (Durham)

Sarah Hawley, RRP
Modeling and Integrating Patients’ Goals for Improving Diabetes Management
Team members: Bryan Gibson (Salt Lake City), Eve Kerr, Sarah Krein, Jonathon Nebeker (Salt Lake City), Charlene Weir (Salt Lake City)


Deborah Levine, K23
The Predictors and Long-Term Trajectory of Poststroke Cognitive Decline
Team members: Ken Langa, Bruno Giordani, Lewis Morgenstern, Andrzej Galecki, Jeffery Halter, Lynda Lisabeth, John Piette, Brisa Sanchez, Fred Unverzagt, Virginia Wadley, Robert Brook


Papers Accepted

  • Kilbourne AM, Decartes L, Zongshan L, Waxmonsky J, Ketter T. Pilot Randomized Trial of a Cross-Diagnosis Collaborative Care Program for Patients with Mood Disorders. Journal of Depression and Anxiety
  • Goodrich DE, Bowersox N, Abraham KM, Burk, JP, Visnic S, Zongshan L, Kilbourne AM. Leading from the Middle: Replication of a Re-Engagement Program for Veterans with Mental Disorders Lost to Follow-up Care. Depression Research and Treatment Journal
  • Miller CJ, Abraham KM, Bajor LA, Zongshan L, Kim HM, Nord KM, Goodrich DE, Bauer MS, Kilbourne AM. Quality of life among patients with bipolar disorder in primary care versus community mental health settings. Affective Disorders Journal
  • Bohnert KM, Pfeiffer PN, Szymanski BR, McCarthy JF. Continuation of Mental Health Care Following an Initial Primary Care Visit with a Mental Health Diagnosis in VHA: Differences by Receipt of Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Services. General Hospital Psychiatry Journal
  • Kilbourne AM, Goodrich DE, O’Donnell AN, Miller CJ. Integrating Bipolar Disorder Management in Primary Care. Current Psychiatry
  • Skolarus TA, Holmes-Rovner M, Hawley ST, Dunn RL, Barr K, Williard N, Wei JT, Piette JD, An LC. Monitoring quality of life among prostate cancer survivors: the feasibility of automated telephone assessment. Health Outcomes Research
  • Sun GH, Houlton JJ, MacEachern MP, Bradford CR, Hayward RA. Influence of study sponsorship on head and neck cancer randomized trial results. Head and Neck
  • Chopra V, Anand S, Krein S, Chenoweth C, Saint S. Bloodstream infection, venous thrombosis, and peripherally inserted central catheters: reappraising the evidence. American Journal of Medicine
  • Apisarnthanarak A, Greene MT, Kennedy EH, Khawcharoenporn T, Krein S, Saint S. National Survey of practices to prevent healthcare-associated infections in Thailand: the role of safety culture and collaborative. Infection Control of Hospital Epidemiology
  • Morgan DJ, Meddings J, Saint S, Lautenbach E, Shardell M, Anderson D, Milstone AM, Drees M, Pineles L, Safdar N, Bowling J, Henderson D, Yokoe D, Harris AD; the SHEA Research Network. Does nonpayment for hospital-acquired catheter-associated urinary tract infections lead to overtesting and increased antimicrobial prescribing? Clinical Infection Disease



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